We understand—you’re excited for UMOCA’s 2017 Gala: SIDESHOW! But maybe you’re wondering what to wear to a sideshow-themed party with lavish cocktails, intriguing auctions and daredevil-worthy performances. When people hear the word “gala,” their usual first thought is that the event is going to be fancy—black-tie affair and all. But UMOCA’s annual gala is a bit more relaxed than your typical gala event. Although the event will have its classy elements, our galas are also themed. We hope that you enjoy all aspects of this year’s theme, SIDESHOW—cocktails, performances, and especially the attendees’ attire.


Do you wear that shimmering red dress that’s been sitting in your closet for far too long? Do you keep it simple with a classic black tux? Or do you get into the theme and throw together your best ring master look, complete with pinstripes, a top hat, and suspenders? The answer is: YOU CAN DO ALL OF THE ABOVE.

All we ask is that you come dressed in red, black or white semi-formal attire—with a touch of eccentric, if you’re up for it! Allow us to take the pressure off of costume planning with our list of tips and tricks to looking your finest at UMOCA’s SIDESHOW.


For those who desire a classic look, consider adding a touch of flare with SIDESHOW-themed accessories! Sport a circus-colored bowtie and a stylish boutonniere on a black and white tux. Pair a simple evening gown with a lavish top hat, or a Victorian-inspired necklace. Adding small touches of spectacle will allow you to enjoy the fun theme of the evening while you wear your comfortable vestments.


If accessorizing isn’t enough for you and you really want to show up in high-class circus fashion, contrasting colors and patterns is the way to go! Flaunt a pin-striped, black-and-white jacket, or a floral-patterned suit to bring a unique flavor to your style. You can mix and match patterns, combine all of the gala colors, or wear bright pants to complement a more subdued top—the possibilities are endless!


Alright—you’ve put on all the accessorize, combined various patterns, threw together every color, but you still want to add more pizzazz to your look. If that sounds like you, then UMOCA encourages you to go bold at this year’s gala! Bring out your favorite steampunk corset, load up on Victorian accessories, and don’t forget to bring your best top hat! Add coattails to a jacket or a bustle to a skirt to create that fun, sideshow vibe.


Whatever you may choose to wear, make sure you are comfortable and having fun! UMOCA’s annual gala is one of the best parties of the year, and one aspect of that is seeing all the unique and fun ways people express themselves through their fashion statements. Don’t be afraid to pull out your most daring look. And remember: this year’s gala colors are red, white, and black. We look forward to seeing you on June 3 at the Utah State Fairpark at 6 p.m.!

For more inspiration, check out our Gala 2017: SIDESHOW Pinterest board here.


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